About us


The revolutionary idea of reviewing the ebike as a proper motorbike, brought Ekletta to be rewarded among the first top 10 Italian startup according to Unicredit contest STARTLAB, under the category “Innovative made in Italy”.
The Electric bike becomes part of your life: it is not only about sales but also creation
of a world around it.



Technical Sponsor BMW Motorrad Italy Superbike 2014



Ekletta was conceived by Massimo Corea, a mechanical engineer who arrives into Ducati Motor in 1997, graduating meanwhile.

The project comes to life in November 2013 basing on his desire to create a successful story and a Company able to pass on to his customers the same feelings that he had felt in Ducati: feelings expressed by a touching product, exactly as it was the Monster S4R, his creation of international success.

Ekletta’s Company strategic vision is to recreate a model of ebike which could trace the standards and procedures of an automotive company.

Vanni Bosi is the President and major shareholder of Ekletta. He met the engineer Corea by chance but between them immediately sprang the right feeling that was consolidated in the following years. Bosi is a successful entrepreneur in Mantova area: he has always been dreaming about a smart-city concept, in fact he already invested in many other projects related to the environment. Bosi Impianti Company boasts over 60 years history and it is now expanding from local business to national level.

Besides being the vice president, Luigi Pinotti is also partner and investor in Ekletta. A man who strongly believes in the development of this market and for this reason has decided to invest by also giving commercial support in terms of advice, thanks to its great experience in the automotive industry.

Ekletta boasts a staff of engineers who come from Ducati : our technical director, the engineer Alessandro Leoncini, was born from the great experience of vehicle development of racing motorbikes of the MotoGP Championship that saw him winning the World Casey Stoner with Desmosedici.


The unmistakable Made in Italy style

In order to stand out the market, Ekletta decided to enhance the aspect of the Italian design: technology and art come together in functional and elegant products, based on the choice of considering only components which come from the best manufacturers in the industry, to always ensure high quality products.