About us

Welcome to the world of Ekletta

Safety, convenience, versatility, sustainability, performance. All in one e-bike. .

This is Ekletta, e-mobility reimagined by automotive sector veteran and dreamer Massimo Corea, together with Eng. Alessandro Leoncini, formerly Ducati Racing. Their ambition? To bring the charisma of MotoGP to the city tarmac. And so Ekletta was born: challenge, adventure, eclecticism in its purest form.

This is not just an electric motor added onto a bike. This is an electric vehicle designed and built from scratch.

Ekletta combines a pioneering spirit with creativity and engineering experience. The willingness to dare goes hand in hand with the rigour of earning international certifications.

Our e-bikes run not only with a rumbling motor, but with a sustainable heart. Words can only explain so much. Jump on and take a ride. Only then will you understand – the future of e-bikes is already on the road.


An idea: to push the e-bike to the next level – reinvented with the status of a motorcycle. A brand: Ekletta. Electric, eclectic, one of a kind.

The project was born in November 2013. An engineer with the vision to create a brand that could ignite the same emotions he had experienced in Ducati, the motorbike company where he had grown professionally. A passion for a product that could excite just by looking at it, like the Ducati Monster S4R, an international success he had created.

Ekletta was named by the Italian public, thanks to a contest hosted on the  starbytes platform; a name that represents the eclectic Italian spirit.

Ekletta’s strategic vision is to create an e-bike concept that follows exactly the standards and procedures of an automotive company.


Made in Italy – a style that is unmistakable

What makes Ekletta different? We hold quintessential Italian design concepts at our core.

We blend technology with art, to craft e-bikes that are both elegant and functional.

Our engineers design every detail with the highest quality in mind, selecting only componentry from world-class manufacturers, to guarantee world-class quality.

The artistry behind Ekletta is that of Daniele Vitali, an Italian designer who has made broad brushstrokes of international success across different sectors – from sailing boats to motorbikes.

A passion for design runs throughout the whole production process, with the greatest attention to detail applied by our team to every bike – from prototype until the tyre hits the road.


Ekletta carefully selects dealers with a repair shop and proven servicing capability. We then support them with direct technical and commercial training to enable a professional approach to sales and repairs that is world-class.

Ekletta don’t just sell e-bikes – we provide continuous, long-lasting support.

This support includes providing local dealers with bespoke marketing plans and initiatives to enhance the visibility of their stores and Ekletta brand awareness on the ground. We also participate in the stores’ set up and design to ensure a coordinated image everywhere in the world.

With our commercial network, Ekletta can act as a consultant for the e-bike entrepreneur.

Ekletta is currently looking for distributors all over the world.


A beautiful e-bike is more than the sum total of its components, but that is an important place to start. Ekletta’s production processes incorporate direct relationships with all our suppliers across the whole supply chain from the electric motor and battery manufacturers, to the final assembly.

Our products are borne from a careful analysis of market needs and follow standardised automotive procedures and concepts in order to appeal to riders both aesthetically and functionally.

From 2020 Ekletta will start assembling every e-bike in our plant in Italy, to ensure an even tighter control of the production processes and guarantee Italian quality.


Those who strive for perfection need to search far and wide. This is why Ekletta puts together three worlds, three excellences, to create one.

Firstly, Italy, where the idea was born and the bike devised, a country renowned for exceptional design.

Secondly, whilst a beautiful design is the soul of the e-bike, it needs a technological heart.

For this we looked east to Japan: birthplace of the integrated drive system by DAPU, a leader in the manufacturing of control units and printed circuit boards. As in a pulsating heart, the control unit, motor and display guarantee a seamless transmission of data to each component; efficiency supporting the aesthetic, revolution after revolution.

Lastly, a Tüv Süd German certification supports the heart and soul, to put Ekletta safely on the road. Our products are verified to conform to EN 14764 standard for e-bikes and trekking bikes, whilst the electromagnetic compatibility is guaranteed by the EN 15194 standard.

The result: three different worlds, one sheer passion.